Main Controls

Main Menu

New, Save and Save as have standard behavior: creating a new model and saving it to the database on server.
Load button scrolls down to a list of existing OBMs available on the server. Just click on a model in the list to load it.
Create OWL generates OWL ontology fragments for describing the situation modeled as OBM. The fragments are visualized in a new window.

Editor Toolbox

Select PURO entity by clicking on BType, BObject, BRelation or BValuation and click on the canvas to place a new instance of it there. Select PURO link (instanceOf, subTypeOf or just link) and then click on two existing PURO entity instances in the canvas to link them. When Move/Rename is selected, you can drag&drop the nodes in the canvas to rearange them or double-click on nodes or links to rename them. When Delete is selected, clicking on a node or link deletes it.

Comparing Vocabularies

See our VISUAL workshop paper for more details.